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McLeod's Daughters

Hollister and O’Toole discuss the multi-Logie-winning drama “McLeod’s Daughters” (2001-2009) - at its height, the most popular show on Australian TV. Still enjoying a cult following around the globe (and available on Netflix and Hulu), McLeod’s was filmed on location - telling the tale of two sisters running a cattle station (“Drover’s Run”) in the Australian Outback. Not only did the actors have to learn their lines and hit their marks, they had to ride horses and shear sheep - convincingly.


A special guest (and equestrian expert) weighs in: Shanette Barth Cohen, Executive Director of The Hampton Classic Horse Show (one of the biggest show jumping contests in the U.S.).


O’Toole, who would love to live in the Outback (if only she could get up early!) might never recover from a particular episode in Season 3 (seriously). Whereas Hollister (far more resilient) is ready to leave our show and open “Hollister’s Run” out West. Shanette wonders if just watching the beautiful cinematography has given both Hollister and O’Toole sunstroke.


This podcast is not unlike a McLeod’s episode: a group of women sharing their passionate opinions - against a backdrop of laughter.


Click here for our podcast with the amazing writer/creator and international bestselling author Posie Graeme-Evans herself: Screen-thoughts – Mcleods-daughters-interview-with-writer-creator-posie-graeme-evans

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