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20th Century Women;

It's a long one, but Hollister & O'Toole have TWO centuries to discuss:

The 20th (24:05): writer/director Mike Mills explores his relationship with his real-life mother in 20th Century Women. Are parents ever knowable to their children - and vice versa? Starring Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig (Mistress AmericaMaggie's Plan), Elle Fanning, Billy Crudup (Jackie), and Lucas Jade Zumann.

The 19th (43:32): from across the pond, Victoria, starring Jenna Coleman (Me Before You) as the titular monarch. How does this Masterpiece/PBS production compare to The CrownA Royal Night Out, and Downton Abbey?

Also: Our thoughts on the Oscar nominations (00:00); guess which movie is turning 30 (10:10); Jude Law and Diane Keaton in HBO's "not wildly inaccurate" The Young Pope(12:18); and the 2016 stats: box office and screen dialogue broken down by gender.

At 17:48, we revisit last week's #ListOfSix (6 Saddest Movies); and then bring you this week's (19:54) - in name only? 6 Movies with "Woman" or "Women" in the title.

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