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#Screen Club

#ScreenClub is Screen Thought's version of a book club, only we will be discussing something that we saw on the screen. Join us each month, as we gather to talk about the selected film or series. 

  • History of the film/series, where it came from, fun trivia;

  • Some of what is being said about the film or series;

  • Direction, Script, Acting, and Cinematography review;


wherever the group takes us.

Pull up a chair, grab a glass of whatever, and spend an hour talking about your favorite films and series.

The Screen Club will be on the first Wednesday of each month, always featuring a different film, TV show, or mini-series. The next month's choice will be discussed and decided at the end of each Screen Club meeting.

No problem if you haven't already watched what we'll be discussing. We'll do our best to avoid major spoilers! At the end of each meeting, we will announce next month's pick, giving you ample time to watch. 

We hope you'll join the CLUB!


Previously on the Screen Club

Bridgerton, Season 2 on Netflix

Bridgerton Season 2 is breaking all kinds of records on Netflix and is the darling for so many people with its incredibly high entertainment value. Is it Regency Era Gossip Girl? Don’t miss this discussion about the show, its creator Shonda Rhimes, and the possible reason it has so many people binge watching it. 

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