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Image by Austin Distel


Introducing Screen Thoughts' podcast, a captivating conversation that delves into the world of television and movies through a unique lens—the female perspective. Led by Christine Merser, who for the past seven years has brought interesting women to the table to discuss what's on the screen each week, wet thoroughly examine everything on the screen, from the intricacies of plot-lines to the cultural significance portrayed. Join us as we dissect and discuss the latest releases, classics, and hidden gems, offering insightful commentary that highlights the diverse experiences and viewpoints of women in media. From thought-provoking analysis to celebrating empowering narratives, "Screen Thoughts" is your go-to destination for captivating conversation on screen entertainment through a feminist lens. Tune in and gain a fresh, engaging take on the world of TV and film. 

For more then 300 additional podcasts (from our old site), please go to Soundcloud or iTunes, or your favorite Podcast provider.  

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