Christine Merser, AKA Hollister

Founder, Producer 

Christine (aka Hollister) started Screen Thoughts in 2015 with O’Toole, who has since moved on to other horizons. With more than 200 podcasts behind her surrounding all things on the screen, she still finds something fresh to discuss when it comes to Screen Thoughts with her new co-host, Bill Harts. Hollister and Harts enjoy a four star rating on iTunes and more than 60,000 downloads of their amazing screening of all things on the screen. Christine also contributes to written reviews from time to time. By day during the week, she runs a successful marketing company, Blue Shoe Strategy.

Favorite things on the Screen

Ana Luiza “Lalu" Farias

Producer & Reviewer 

Ana Luiza “ Lalu" Farias, who calls herself a recovering journalist these days, is a news-junkie with a master degree in International Relations, currently working with corporate governance. (What does it mean? Don’t worry about it, she is a real-life Chandler Bing: nobody knows exactly what she does.) A Brazilian living in the US, Lalu is passionate about movies and TV shows, and completely in love with Brazilian music. She also has a special talent for buying more books than she will ever have time to read, but who doesn’t?


You will see Lalu on all Screen Thoughts’ social media where she is a frequent contributor of news and thoughtful commentary around all things on the screen. 

Favorite things on the Screen

Vera Brooks

Producer & Reviewer 

Vera Brooks is a screenwriter and producer from Chicago.  Some of her past projects include numerous webseries, several short films, an industrial video, a TV pilot, and a not-for-profit that produced over thirty staged screenplay readings.  


Vera's fourteen episode entertainment webseries, "All Things EGOT" highlights the fifteen EGOT recipients, with a retrospective of the projects that gained them EGOT (Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony) status. 


Vera is developing a Christian musical feature film, with plans to begin production later this year.  Visit her website here.

Favorite things on the Screen

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