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Pretty Woman - 25th Anniversary

Hollister & O’Toole dedicate this special 25-minute podcast to the 25th anniversary of “Pretty Woman” – which to this day remains one of the most successful rom-coms of all time.


“Pretty Woman” and its morals speak to Hollister’s Inner Businessperson – Hollister can probably quote the entire movie verbatim. She tries to explain it all to O’Toole, who has been baffled by the enduring appeal of this movie (businessman falls for a hooker with a heart of gold – and a great dental plan) for 2.5 decades. If O’Toole thinks the movie is devoid of life lessons, well, then, as Hollister says: that’s a “Mistake. Big Mistake.”


What the two can agree on is this: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere had great chemistry; Hector Elizondo and Laura San Giacomo were magnificent; and Garry Marshall has gifted us with a lifetime of entertainment (“The Odd Couple”, “Mork & Mindy”, “Happy Days”, “Laverne & Shirley”, “Beaches”, “Overboard”). As Marshall himself puts it: “In the education of the American people, I am recess.”


“Pretty Woman” garnered a then 21-year-old Julia Roberts an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win. (Domestically and internationally, the film took home 8 wins and 11 nominations.)

Love story? Morality tale? You decide.

Podcast extras:

- lots of “Pretty Woman” trivia
- Roy Orbison’s original recording of the theme song (“Pretty Woman”)

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