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The Preppie Connection

Hollister & O’Toole interview writer/director Joe Castelo (The War Within; American Saint) & producer Travis Burgess about the making of their award-winning film The Preppie Connection (starring Thomas Mann, Logan Huffman and Lucy Fry) - and inspired by a real-life drug-smuggling scandal at Choate.


Aspiring filmmakers will want to hear what Joe and Travis have to say about how to get an independent film made - from casting and financing to the Holy Grail of distribution.


Tune in to discover Joe’s connection to Dakota Johnson and Rooney Mara; what he learned from director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity); and what Joe was doing in the apartment of screenwriting legend William Goldman (The Princess Bride).


The Preppie Connection is currently the 3rd most watched trailer on


Written by Joe Castelo and Ashley Rudden; additional producers Joe Mensch, Adam Folk, Carlo Sirtori, Eric Schultz, and Billy Raftery.


Currently in theaters; also available on iTunes and Amazon.


Click here for O’Toole’s video encore - turns out iconic scenes from On the Waterfront were filmed right across the street from Coalition Films (Joe’s Hoboken office).

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