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Books to Screen: Warren Adler

Prepare for a very special podcast:  Hollister shares her one-on-one interview with the legendary, literary Warren Adler - the man who named the Watergate complex in DC.


Though he didn't publish his first book until he was 46, Warren Adler has gone on to pen over 50 novels, 12 of which have been optioned by Hollywood (including The War of the Roses, starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny DeVito; and Random Hearts - starring Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas; directed by Sydney Pollack).


Highlights include:


- what books can accomplish that no other art form can


- why Sydney Pollack and Harrison Ford weren’t happy when he did “the worst thing I writer could ever do”


- the role Dustin Hoffman played in bringing Random Hearts to the big screen


- Warren Adler’s Hollywood record


- how he’s decided to control his own destiny


- the 3 questions fiction writers are always asked


- why writers shouldn’t worry about exposing secrets


- on how a man who’s been very happily married for 67 years can write about such dysfunctional marriages


Warren also shares some insider's tales from Hollywood, including why they stopped production on Gone with the Wind; and which star of The War of the Roses started out a hairdresser.


Also an essayist, short-story writer, poet and playwright, Warren Adler’s works have been translated into 25 languages; he currently has 3 films and 1 television series in development.

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