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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

I had already heard so much about the BBC show Bodyguard when it finally came to Netflix that I was very curious about it. Although I enjoyed the show, it was not all that I expected. Even comparing it to other police British shows, such as The Fall and Happy Valley, Bodyguard wouldn’t be specially high on my list.

The six-episode series, which can be described as a thriller about modern politics and conspiracies, focuses of the war veteran and policeman David Budd and the ambitious and controversial Home Secretary Julia Montague, to whose protection he is assigned.

I know, this is not exactly an enthusiastic review. But before you delete the show from your wish list I should say that, even though the quality of Bodyguard is irregular, the first sequence and specially the tension of the final episode make it worth watching. And by the way, if you do watch the show, I would be interested to learn what you thought about it.

- Lalu Farias


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