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El Susto Documentary Review

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

There are documentaries that need to be seen so you can educate yourself to injustice and this is one such documentary. Shame on Coca Cola. Shame on the United States of America, which is most likely not the first time we have been given reason through film to get angry at our country’s commercialism and what it has done to other countries around the globe. But the other reason to see this is for the beauty of the people, and the culture, and the art of Mexico. The opening five minutes at the death festival will calm your nerves around dying, which we all need right now and it will awake the senses around flowers and colors in such a lovely way. I was grateful to have seen the film. Ashamed of my country and Coke, and hopeful that it can be fixed moving forward. Hope you will have a listen, then watch the film and pass to a friend.

- Hollister


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