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The Queen's Gambit

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Move over Bobby Fischer and Gary Kasparov—there is a new chess prodigy on the scene; Beth Harmon, chess player extraordinaire who redefines the Queen’s Gambit, which for those of you not on the chess circuit, is an opening move that has a lot of history. Netflix’s #1 show, starring Anya Taylor-Joy as the fictional Beth Harmon, provides yet another vehicle for a strong woman’s plot. Merser and Bassin walk us through the many moves that make this one of the best series of 2020. And, bringing back The List of Six that was a Hollister O’Toole centerpiece, they give us all six movies or series episodes to watch before the election results start pouring in on Tuesday. Don’t miss this week’s Screen Thoughts’ episode.


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