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Secret City

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Netflix has been offering so much exclusive content that it is hard to keep track of all of them, and specially of the international shows. Some of them, however, are among the best series available these days. One of my favorite little-known Netflix shows is the Australian Secret City, whose second season has just been released by the streaming service.

If you like a good thriller involving politics, espionage, and journalism, Secret City is just what you are looking for. When the journalist Harriet Dunkley (Anna Torv, from Fringe and MINDHUNTER) starts to investigate the death of a young man whose body she sees by chance on the bank of a river in the Australian capital Canberra, it soon becomes clear that the crime is not an isolated case. It is, in fact, related to a large conspiracy involving political activists, the governments of Australia, China, and the US, as well as an internal power struggle within the Australian government.

The closer Harriet Dunkley gets to the truth, the greater are the risks for the reporter and for those around her. And, as it is usually the case in a conspiracy case, it gets harder and harder to know who can be trusted. By the way, this is the plot for the first season, and you should start there.

Full disclosure: the series requires the viewer’s attention. It is not one of those shows that you keep on the background and can still follow everything that is going on. On the other hand, each season is only six-episodes long.

And, anyway, by the end of the first episode you won’t be able to take your eyes away from the screen. If you are like me, you will hold your breath and eagerly watch the show to find out where that story will end.

- Lalu Farias


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