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What's Wrong with the Oscars

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Seven Reasons Hollister is not an Oscar Fan...

It's tonight. The Oscars and I'll probably be as cranky as I have been after the Oscars for the last several years.

Here is my list of complaints...

1. The degree of difficulty of the role should matter in the results. So, for example, the degree of Alison Janey's part in ITonya is really not as much a reach as Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water, and while I think that Frances McDormand will win tonight, it's 'her' persona role. We have sen her play this a number of times. Degree of Difficulty + Performance should = win.

2. Films that dropped earlier in the year do not have a prayer of being nominated. Our attention span of five minutes is a joke. Exmple: Breathe.

3. Politically correct gets votes. It also gets nominations.

4. I have met many of the people working in film in Hollywood. They do not watch all the movies that they are voting on. They say it out loud. They watch the ones that have the most buzz, which is often affected by the amount of $$ spent on promoting them during the 'season.' You can't vote well if you haven't seen all the films.

5. It's gender related in the nominations. Shouldn't be best male/female actors in separate categories. It should be Best Actor... non gender based. As long as women think that 'separate' but equal works, we are doomed.

6. You can place your film in whatever category you want (for the other awards shows.) In what world was Get Out a Comedy?

7. How can something be Best Film, and yet the director, cinematographer, writer has no nod? Best Film is the COMBINATION of acting (casting), writing, cinematography, directing. All those things. Get out? Seriously?

Alrighty then. See you at the Oscars.

Justine Hollister


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