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You Tube Series Review: Commune, The Series

“Commune The Series” was recently released on YouTube and if you want to watch a web-series with good writing and excellent performances, this is one to see.

This six episode project is a dramatic comedy about a group of socially-conscious individuals who come together to create their ideal community – but a newcomer’s arrival will challenge everyone’s perspective and cause them to re-evaluate their own views of what a community truly means.

The group consists of very different individuals with various gifts and knowledge to share with the collective, along with issues and secrets that could tear them apart.

Several cast members are also the team that wrote and produced this series. The production value is top notch. After the credits there are behind the scenes videos shot by one of the residents, which were supposed to help promote their community, but instead share more of the dysfunction.

This project is smart, funny and exceptional. Watching the show, it’s hard not to compare this micro world to our world at-large. Kudos to the “ Commune” cast and crew for giving us a thoughtful, independent web-series. Take a look and spread the word.

-- Vera J. Brooks


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